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Attorney Fee Collections


If you are an attorney and your law firm has a client who is disputing or simply avoiding your bills, we can help.

Your Court Street Lawyer's attorney fee collection services result from a unique combination of practices and experience. By combining several decades of work in consumer and commercial debt collection with a special interest in law firm operations and fee settlements, combined with practice in the legal malpractice area, Richard Klass has a distinct advantage when assisting other law firms in collecting and negotiating for unpaid fees owed by recalcitrant clients. Outside of the office, Richard is an Arbitrator in the Part 137 Attorney-Client Fee Dispute Resolution Program.

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Attorney Fee Collections: articles, book and video

Quick Reference Guide to Attorney's Liens and Legal Fee Enforcement by Richard A. Klass

Announcing the new book from Richard A. Klass

Quick Reference Guide to Attorney's Liens and Legal Fee Enforcement:
What to do if your client stops paying you

by Richard A. Klass, Esq.

Free e-book!
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Richard Klass' new book, Quick Reference Guide to Attorney's Liens and Legal Fee Enforcement, is intended to provide attorneys with information relating to the attachment and enforcement of retaining liens and charging liens; methods of enforcement of these attorney’s liens; steps to be taken to pursue legal action for the recovery of legal fees; and risk management and ethical issues relating to the enforcement of attorney’s liens and actions.



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