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The firm also has a reputation for taking on those unusual and difficult cases that may not fit into a single “pigeon hole.” If you’re not sure if “Your Court Street Lawyer” handles it, just ask.

Our offices are conveniently located on Court Street in downtown Brooklyn, just steps from Brooklyn Borough Hall. Call (718) 643-6063 to schedule an appointment now.

“Your Court Street Lawyer”

Richard A. Klass is the quintessential “Court Street Lawyer,” as defined by the New York Times: “a street-smart sharpie with verve, hustle and a striver’s charisma.”

Practicing law much like a critical care doctor functions, Klass is the lawyer clients appreciate when the issue is so vital. Practicing primarily in the areas of commercial litigation, debt collection and enforcement of judgments, legal malpractice, and real estate litigation, his firm also represents clients in bankruptcy, civil appeals, and federal court litigation.

With an office in Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Klass lectures and writes extensively for lawyers and industry professionals. He writes and publishes the widely-read quarterly newsletter Law Currents, the blog of the same name and has written numerous books.

LawCurrents, Our Newsletter
Published quarterly since 2003.

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When is the best time to sell a house? Right Away!

LawCURRENTS Spring 2024

The divorce case had been pending since 2015.  Throughout those eight years of litigation, there were more than 35 motions made, including numerous motions for contempt — a hotly contested divorce case!

The couple’s only significant assets were two houses, one in New York and another in Florida.  Early on, the judge had granted the wife exclusive occupancy of the New York house and the husband was directed to pay the carrying charges during the pendency of the case.  However, after many years of battling it out in the divorce case, the judge directed that the houses be immediately sold and suspended the requirement that the husband pay the carrying charges….

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