Real Estate Litigation

The ownership of real estate is one of the bedrocks of American society. The ability of the property owner to keep and maintain his “castle” often depends on the vigilance of counsel in protecting those sacred property rights.

You may have confidence in the law firm of Richard A. Klass. We have been representing various parties concerning real estate transactions and litigation for over two decades, representing sellers, buyers, owners, lienors, and other interested parties in real estate matters.

We encourage you to call if you have a legal matter concerning any of the following:

  • Title defects/property line disputes
  • Actions to quiet title/cloud on title
  • Easement/right of way
  • Nuisance/Waste claims
  • Partition and Sale actions
  • Foreclosure defense
  • Mortgage and loan modification and negotiation
  • Actions to compel recording
  • Satisfaction of Mortgage/discharge of ancient Mortgage
  • Or any other Real Estate litigation matter

Foreclosure Litigation and Assistance: Residential and Commercial Buildings

Losing your home or investment property due to foreclosure can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. If you are facing the threat of foreclosure, you would be well advised to obtain legal representation quickly, before the situation escalates out of your control.

The law office of Richard A. Klass protects the rights of clients in foreclosure cases involving:

  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Foreclosure and court proceedings
  • Alternative solutions, such as short-sales, loss mitigation and others
  • New opportunities made available by recent changes in foreclosure laws
  • Clients unfairly trapped by foreclosure scams and mortgage fraud
  • Deed theft/mortgage fraud/actions under the Home Equity Theft Prevention Act (HETPA)
  • Specific performance actions
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: to protect your home
  • Chapters 7 and 11 bankruptcies: to advantageously liquidate assets or negotiate better terms for personal or commercial debts.

If you are threatened with foreclosure or would like an initial consultation, contact the Law Firm of Richard A. Klass, Esq. for an evaluation of your case.

Richard A. Klass, Esq. moderating a foreclosure seminar at the Brooklyn Bar Association.