Attorneys: finding jobs during the pandemic. CLE hosted by Brooklyn Bar Association.

Brooklyn Bar Association to host CLE to help attorneys find jobs during the pandemic

The Brooklyn Bar Association understands that younger and more inexperienced attorneys can struggle to find a good job even in the best of times, but things are especially tricky now that the COVID-19 pandemic has put severe restrictions on going out and building a network that can lead to a job.

That’s why three attorneys, past President Andrea Bonina, second Vice President Richard Klass, along with David Sarnoff, are planning to host a continuing legal education seminar that will live-stream via Zoom on Monday, May 18 entitled, “Resume Building and Interview Skills,” where they will share specific strategies that can help during the pandemic and beyond.

In a two-hour CLE, the three panelists will start with a deep dive into resume construction with suggestions for how attorneys should address gaps, and ways to be concise and be specific with their language when it comes to specific skills. They will also discuss ways to network during the quarantine and will specifically go over routines that will work even after the pandemic is over.

R. A. Klass
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